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Proposal in Gran Canaria: Floral Dream Package

In the heart of Gran Canaria, as the sun dips below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of gold and crimson, the perfect moment for a life-changing question approaches. This is where our Floral Dream Proposal Package at Happily Gran Canaria comes into play, crafting an unforgettable setting for your big question.

Imagine a secluded spot, just for you two, at the center of it all, a heart-shaped arrangement of 250 artificial red roses and white flowers sets the stage for romance. Surrounding this floral heart, about 30 LED tea light candles flicker softly, creating an intimate and serene ambiance. It’s not just a proposal; it’s a scene straight out of a romantic movie, waiting for your special moment.

We know timing is crucial, especially for a proposal. That’s why our package is flexible. You have the option to select a time that works best for you, the later one we recommend if you’re dreaming of a backdrop painted with the vibrant colors of a Gran Canaria sunset.

We’ve made the booking process as smooth as possible because we understand that proposing can be nerve-wracking enough. Simply pick your date, fill out a form, and make the payment – we take care of the rest. From setting up to ensuring everything is just right, our team is dedicated to making your proposal as stress-free as possible.

Change of plans? We understand. You can postpone your proposal once within three months of the original date, or cancel up to 48 hours in advance. Keep in mind, the payment is non-refundable.

Your proposal should be as unique as your love story. That’s why we’re all ears for any special requests or customizations you might have in mind. Whether it's a specific theme or unique decor, we’re excited to bring your vision to life.

And what about capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments? Add a photography or videography service to your package, and hold onto these memories forever.

Worried about the weather? Don’t be. Gran Canaria is blessed with sunny days most of the year. But just in case, if the weather isn’t ideal, we’ll reschedule to the next perfect day.

Ready to proposal? Book your proposal here:

Feel free to reach out to us at Happily Gran Canaria if you have any questions, and let’s create a moment under the Gran Canaria sky that neither of you will ever forget.

Contact Us:

WhatsApp: +34 603 40 70 67


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