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Oasis Luxe Wedding Venue

📍South of Gran Canaria

Golf, Sun & Serenity

Guest Count Flexibility

Ideal for medium or larger groups. For small/micro weddings also available, plus there are more intimate spaces available.

Accommodation Available

This beautiful wedding venue is part of a hotel, hence you and your guest can combine your stay hotel & wedding.
Feel free to consult us, to get the best deal.

Mountain Views

From the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception spaces you have stunning mountain views, beautiful sunset views and ocean views.

Sunkissed, secluded & romantic

In the heart of Gran Canaria, a venue unfolds like a hidden gem amidst luxury and natural beauty, offering a perfect blend for those cherished moments. Picture a celebration against the backdrop of panoramic views, where each detail is artfully considered—from the serene embrace of nature to the innovative flavors gracing your table. It's a place that captures the essence of sophistication and intimacy, whether for a heartfelt ceremony or a celebration under the sun. Ideal for those who see their special day as a unique narrative, it's more than a venue; it's where dreams are tenderly crafted into reality.

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