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4 Reasons why Planning a Wedding in Gran Canary is a great Choice

Are you asking yourself if planning a wedding in Gran Canary is the right thing to do for you? Let me give you some benefits of why having your wedding in Gran Canary is an amazing idea!

#1 The Climate

Starting off, the climate. As you most likely know Gran Canary is located next to the west coast of Africa which tells that warm temperatures are to expected. In August, typically the warmest month an average temperature of 24°C, whereas the coldest month is January with 18°C average.¹ Thus, all year around, warm temperatures are given in Gran Canary.

#2 The Landscape

Are you dreaming of a wedding day starting in the mountain ending in the ocean next to dunes? Well, this is most definitely possible in Gran Canary. This beautiful island offers the most stunning spots, if you know where to find them.

#3 Combined Vacation

As Gran Canary is a top touristic destination, you might want to

extend your wedding day into a weeding weekend or a whole vacation with family and friends. Plus you can spend your honeymoon here.

#4 Save Money

Did you know that tax is lower in Gran Canary? The Impuesto General Indirecto Canario IGIC is only 7%! Plus if you have a good wedding planner on your side you might save money with negotiating to make to most out of your budget.

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