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Destination Wedding Planner located on Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
From enchanting proposals to exquisite elopements and dreamy weddings, Happily is all about celebrating love
while accommodating all budget ranges. 🤍

Welcome to Happily, where your dream celebration unfolds amidst the beauty of the Canary Islands. Located on the sun-kissed Gran Canaria, we don't just craft events — we curate experiences. Whether it's an intimate proposal, a dreamy elopement, or a grand wedding, we’re here to bring your vision to life. 

Proposal Planner

The Happily Advantage 

🤍 Certified Planner Annika, the lead planner, is a certified wedding planner and event designer.

🤍 Bilingual Services We offer both English and German speaking services.

🤍 Inclusivity We embrace all, because #LoveIsLove.

🤍 Digital Alternatives We provide digital alternatives for DIY brides and grooms to be, to let you focus on options not research.

🤍 Customizable Packages Our pre-set proposal & wedding packages come with the flexibility to add services tailored to your needs.
🤍 Personalized Quotes Get bespoke quotes that cater to individual preferences and budgets.

🤍 Payment Plans Select a payment plan that suits you best.
🤍 Virtual Services  Online communication with international clients, including virtual venue tours.

🤍 Vendor Selection  Choose from our handpicked 30+ venues & preferred vendors, or explore endless options we can suggest tailored just for you. 

🤍 Time Flexibility  Whether you're years or weeks ahead of your event, we cater to all timelines.

🤍 Multi-Day Events  Combine relaxation with festivity in multi-day events, making every moment feel like a luxurious getaway.

🤍 Eco-Friendly Options  Celebrate sustainably with green venues & eco-vendors, and guide on eco-conscious choices for your special day.

Our Approach

01 Personal Approach: It's all about you.

We dive deep into your love story, understanding every preference to craft a celebration that's truly yours. Every detail is a reflection of your unique bond.

02 Design Approach: Elevating your
wedding experience with our sensory approach

03 Digital Approach: Say 'I do' to seamless digital planning

Beyond aesthetics, we focus on a sensory-rich wedding experience. Every sight, scent, and touch is meticulously curated to create unforgettable memories.

Embrace the future with our tech-driven planning tools. From virtual consultations to digital venue tours, experience seamless planning, anytime, anywhere.

Happy Clients 

10 % of each service profit goes into our animal sanctuary project. 🤍 

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Let's celebrate love!🤍

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